Engineering: Kingsville

Victoria College partners with Texas A&M University - Kingsville to provide VC students an opportunity to obtain degrees in eleven different specialties of engineering by taking a combination of general education and lower-division engineering courses at VC before they move on to Texas A&M - Kingsville to complete their upper-division work.

Students will have access to additional facilities, programs, events, and resources offered by both schools that will enhance student success and provide a more seamless transition between the two institutions.

Javelina Engineering Academy at Victoria College

  • Benefits for Students

  • Step 1: Apply to VC

  • Step 2: Testing Requirements

  • Step 3: Academy Application

  • Specialty Contacts

More Opportunities

  • Field Trips to Kingsville

  • Recruiter Visits to VC

  • Summer 2024 Internships (July 1-19)

  • TAMUK Events & Opportunities