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The Cove

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Located in the VC Student Center, The Cove offers the most variety on campus including a full-service Subway that offers fresh sandwiches and hot soup, as well as an assortment of snacks, drinks, ice cream, and Starbucks coffee.

There is plenty of room in the Student Center to join your friends for lunch or find a table to spread your books out and study while you eat. After lunch, you can pass some time watching TV on the big screen or shooting some pool with your friends. 

The Grind

The Grind, located in the Health Sciences Center, is perfect if you are on the go and need a quick pick me up! It offers a variety of freshly brewed Starbucks coffees and delicious Frappuccinos, fresh pastries. 

Café Espresso

Café Espresso is located on the first floor of the VC Technology Center. Café Espresso proudly serves Starbucks coffee and Frappuccinos. Café Espresso also has a variety of delicious pastries! 

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