Process Technology

 VC’s Process Technology Program offers a one-year certificate and/or a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree in process technology. This program prepares students for a career as a process technician or operator.

Process technicians gather information using instruments that monitor process conditions such as pressure, temperature, level, and flow rates. They operate lab equipment to keep their plants running safely and efficiently, along with ensuring the efficient production of products that meet customer specifications. Watch a short video on what a process technician is and does.

As a process technician or operator, you may work both indoors and outdoors alongside chemical engineers, maintenance personnel, and other professionals. You will be expected to use your knowledge of computers, math, physics, and chemistry to monitor and troubleshoot plant operations. Strong communications skill are also required, as you will need the ability to write, give oral presentations, and exercise effective listening skills in order to succeed as a process technician.

Upon successful completion of the Process Technology Program, you will be prepared to work as a process technician in any of the various local industries, including petrochemical plants and refineries, oil and gas production, and power generation.