Hill family creates Marty Stockbauer Endowment honoring VC’s 2022 Distinguished Teaching Award recipient

Marty Stockbauer Marty Stockbauer

Pam and Bob Hill have created the Marty Stockbauer Endowment through the Victoria College Foundation to benefit VC students seeking an Associate of Applied Science degree in network engineering technology and cloud computing. The endowment was named in honor of Bob Hill’s sister and long-time VC instructor Marty Stockbauer, who began teaching at VC in 1986 and retired at the end of the spring semester.

“I can’t imagine a teacher more loved and respected by her students, friends and family,” said Bob Hill.

Stockbauer was named the 2022 recipient of VC’s Distinguished Teaching Award, which is presented by the Victoria College Foundation to honor excellence, promote effective teaching and recognize exceptional faculty for their contributions to student learning through classroom teaching.

“This is such a well-deserved honor for someone whose passion for teaching has been evident throughout her career,” said Cindy Buchholz, VC’s Executive Vice President-Chief Academic Officer. “Victoria College is fortunate that Marty devoted 36 years to sharing her expertise with our students in computer information systems classes.”

Upon retirement, Stockbauer was also named professor emeritus to recognize the significant contributions she made to VC’s educational mission and goals.

“I have known Marty my entire life and have never known a person that truly loved her career as much as her,” said Pam Hill. “She has devoted her life to her passion of educating and bettering her students’ lives, and we want this to be perpetuated.”

Since joining the VC faulty in 1986, Stockbauer has taught more than 30 different courses in computer programming, networking and literacy.

“Teaching has truly been my ‘life’s work,’” said Stockbauer, who also served as VC’s Department Chair of Business & Computer Programs. “Almost 40 years ago, standing in front of a Victoria College night class as an adjunct instructor at 22 years of age, shaking so hard that I could not read the paper sheet of announcements to the class, I began my teaching journey.”

Each year, she found it rewarding to see her students graduate with confidence and pride in their abilities.

“Teaching has been tremendously fulfilling for me,” she said. “So many of my students have transitioned from being on public assistance to being able to support their families well, making me feel that I’ve done some good in this world.”

For more information or to donate to the Marty Stockbauer Endowment, call (361) 582-2419 or visit and click on “Give Now.”