Success coaches helping VC student succeed in second try at higher education

Christopher Insley is pursuing an Associate of Applied Science degree in process technology at Victoria College.

Christopher Insley originally enrolled at Victoria College in 2013. But a lack of motivation, poor study habits and ineffective time management led to him dropping out.

“I took my opportunities for granted,” Insley said. “I went to class, but I didn’t do my homework. I wasn’t mature emotionally. I didn’t care a whole lot.”

Insley returned to Victoria College in 2018 with a new attitude and determination to finish what he started.

“I wasn’t happy with where I was,” Insley said. “If I wanted to make a change, I had to do it myself.”

Insley wound up graduating from Victoria College in 2020 with an Associate of Arts degree. He is currently pursuing an Associate of Applied Science degree in process technology at VC with plans of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering.

Insley, 26, detailed his higher-education journey in the Victoria College Foundation’s “What’s Your Story?” essay contest and was named one of the $1,000 scholarship winners.

“I felt like I had failed the first time,” Insley said. “But sometimes you have to fail before you can actually realize what you want to do.”

Insley said he has been inspired during his successful return to college by his girlfriend of seven years, Shelsey Gonzales, and his father, Randolph Insley. He has also been motivated by his success coaches at VC.

“They helped keep me in check,” Insley said of his success coaches. “When you start out on your journey and prepare to be an adult in the world, it helps to have people help you. I took all the tips and other advice I got from them to do what I’m doing today.”