VC Library offering use of 3D printer to public

Rebecca LaCroix, Victoria Library assistant, demonstrates how the library’s 3D printer operates.

The public has a chance to utilize some cutting-edge technology at the Victoria College Library.

The library is now offering guests an opportunity to create objects with its 3D printer. For 5 cents per gram of weight of the object, guests to the library can utilize the state-of-the-art printer, which can make models up to nine inches square.

“The 3D printer allows people freedom to be creative and explore new technology,” said Rebecca LaCroix, VC Library assistant. “As technology continues to advance, we want to give people the ability to understand and keep up with it.”

Guests will have to bring a completed stereolithography (.stl) file of their designed project to use the printer.

“They will have to use software like Tinkercad to make their design,” LaCroix said. “We will set up the printer, check for any potential issues with printing, and give a time estimate on when the object will be complete.”

Guests will be told the price of their project before the printing begins.

“If you don’t want to create your own model, there are websites like and where you can download models for free,” LaCroix said.

The Victoria College Library is located on VC’s Main Campus at 2200 E. Red River Street in Victoria. The library’s summer hours of operation are Monday-Thursday, 7:45 a.m.-5 p.m.

The library offers members of the public a library card to check out materials, books, DVDs and CDs. Small-group meetings and work meetings can be held in rooms on the second floor. The library offers free wi-fi and two computers for public use.

To use the 3D printer, contact the Victoria College Library at (361) 485-6851.