Gonzales HS graduate enjoyed dual-credit classes, eager to resume education at VC's Main Campus

Gonzales High School graduate Ashley Berger has taken dual-credit courses with Victoria College since her junior year.

Ashley Berger has enjoyed her time as a Victoria College student so much that she hasn’t even thought about attending another school.

Berger, 18, graduated from Gonzales High School after taking three dual-credit classes with Victoria College. Berger, who is the first in her immediate family to attend college, has already enrolled in four fall classes at VC.

“It’s not about how big your school is, it’s about your education,” Berger said. “You can get a ring from a big university. But what good is that ring if you have to pay for it for years and years in student debt? I’d rather get a college education and then get a good job.”

Berger plans to complete her basic classes at Victoria College’s Main Campus and then apply for acceptance into VC’s Physical Therapist Assistant Program.

“I have planned to go into the PTA Program since I was in seventh grade,” Berger said. “My grandfather broke his shoulder at about that time, so he was in a nursing home getting therapy. I got to watch one of the physical therapists working with him. It hit me that I would really like to do this.”

Berger feels that taking dual-credit classes will make her adjustment to a full-time college student much easier.

“It will be pretty much be the same thing,” Berger said. “Taking classes at the Gonzales Center was really eye-opening and a wonderful start to college. It really prepared me for what was to come after high school.”

Berger qualified for membership in Victoria College’s chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success and serves as the publicity chair for the local organization. The NSLS is an accredited leadership development program that builds leadership, career and life skills for students.

“I got the recommendation letter for it and saw all the benefits it offered,” said Berger, who is also contemplating getting involved in VC’s Student Government Association. “I thought it would be a lot of fun, and it has. There are plenty of scholarships that are available in the NSLS. I have gotten to meet so many people. It has been a blast.”

Berger has been hired to work this fall as a student employee in VC’s Student Life Department.

“I’m really excited to get involved at VC,” Berger said. “I’m eager to work toward accomplishing my goals.”

During its Fall 2021 semester, Victoria College will offer 109 dual-credit classes to students who want to earn college credit while in high school.

For information on Victoria College’s dual-credit offerings, call (361) 485-6823 or email