VC recognizes 84 students with new cord for high school graduation

Victoria East’s Aliyah Davis models the new Victoria College stole and Early College cord with her high school graduation regalia.

High school students who completed 21 or more credit hours of dual-credit classes at Victoria College will now have an addition to their graduation regalia.

Victoria College is now providing students with a twisted graduation cord. High school students who obtain an associate degree at VC will also receive a special stole. This year, 84 high school students received cords, while seven were awarded cords and stoles.

“Victoria College wanted to recognize the commitment these students have made to start their college journey early, and we wanted to give them a way to highlight their achievements amongst family and friends,” said Sabrina Romo, VC’s Pre-College Programs & Recruitment director.

One student who wore the new stole and cord was Victoria East High School’s Aliyah Davis, who started taking dual-credit classes at Victoria College during her freshman year and graduated summa cum laude with an Associate of Science degree.

“I just wanted to get ahead,” said Davis, who will attend the University of Houston, where she plans to study architecture. “I liked getting the college experience, so I think taking the dual-credit classes will really help me.”

Davis said she was honored to wear the stole and cord.

“When I got suited up for graduation and put on my cords and stole, all I could think was that this moment was years in the making,” Davis said. “Those cords and stole represent that I persevered to finish what I started, and I couldn’t be more proud of my accomplishments. I’m excited to see what the next chapter of my life brings.”

During its Fall 2021 semester, Victoria College will offer 109 dual-credit classes to students who want to earn college credit while in high school.

For information on Victoria College’s dual-credit offerings, call (361) 485-6823 or email