VEC manager eager to work on Victoria College Foundation Board

Victoria College graduate Blaine Warzecha was recently named a new member of the Victoria College Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Blaine Warzecha still draws from some of what he learned at Victoria College to assist him in his job as general manager of Victoria Electric Cooperative.

“I use the fundamentals of what I received from Victoria College on a daily basis,” said Warzecha, who attended VC in 1991-92. “What I learned from my accounting, finance, English and other classes still helps me today.”

Victoria College’s impact on Warzecha’s life was one of the reasons he was interested in giving back to VC. Warzecha, 48, was unanimously approved as a member of the Victoria College Foundation’s Board of Directors in July.

“It is humbling to be considered to participate in an organization that supports an essential role in the future for our community college,” Warzecha said. “The VC Foundation has afforded me an opportunity to provide future generations the educational opportunities to improve their quality of life and ultimately become successors to today’s leadership in our community.”

Warzecha obtained an associate degree from Victoria College before transferring to Texas A&M University, where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in finance.

“The academic education I received at Victoria College was excellent, and upon my transfer to Texas A&M, I felt confident that I was prepared for success,” Warzecha said. “Victoria College quickly educated me on the fact that I did not know how to study. VC offered me not only an academic education but also educated me on managing the transition of balancing school, studies, work and the stress that accompanies each.”

Warzecha has worked with Victoria College in various capacities while at VEC, including the development of VC’s power line worker training.

“Whether the need was mine or theirs, I have always been impressed with the professionalism and courteousness I have experienced,” Warzecha said. “From Day 1, the VC staff has been eager, open-minded and committed to making this program a success for anyone interested in improving their current situation and producing power line workers for the future of our community. This type of interaction identifies a culture, and our region is blessed to have a community college that does not simply teach values but demonstrates them as well.”

Warzecha is now eager to be a part of Victoria College’s efforts to impact the community and region.

“I think higher education is vital to maximizing one’s opportunities in life,” Warzecha said. “While higher education does not have to mean a four-year college degree, Victoria College has excelled at offering opportunities to obtain associate degrees, certificates and workforce training to develop our region’s workforce. This can be used to attract new businesses and foster economic development, which in turn increases opportunities and improves the quality of life for everyone in our region.”

Warzecha is one of the newest members of the VC Foundation Board, which is made up of 29 members representing diverse backgrounds and communities throughout the Crossroads.

“The VC Foundation is honored to welcome Blaine Warzecha to the VC Foundation Board of Directors,” said Amy Mundy, executive director of VC Advancement and the Victoria College Foundation. “Blaine brings a wealth of knowledge from the power industry and the community, and as a VC alumnus he understands the educational needs of our students.” 

The VC Foundation financially supports Victoria College as it meets the needs of students, employees, facilities, classrooms and important VC initiatives. The VC Foundation contributes to VC’s efforts in the form of student scholarships, grants for employee endeavors, technology upgrades, funding for emerging and innovative programs and capital improvements.