Oldmixon receives VC’s Distinguished Teaching Award

187 Ceci Oldmixon, who has been an instructor in Victoria College’s Respiratory Care Program for 20 years, recently received VC’s Distinguished Teaching Award for 2020.

Victoria College Respiratory Care Program instructor Ceci Oldmixon was recently named the recipient of VC’s Distinguished Teaching Award for 2020.

The award, presented by the Victoria College Foundation, honors excellence, promotes effective teaching and recognizes exceptional faculty for their contributions to student learning through classroom teaching. Oldmixon will receive $1,500 and a medal from the Victoria College Foundation.

Nominees for the award were judged on student evaluations and letters of recommendation from students, faculty members and others.

“I was humbled and honored to be nominated. I was amazed to have been selected,” Oldmixon said. “I love the profession of respiratory care. Teaching students to be the next generation of respiratory therapists is at times the most challenging of tasks and at others the most rewarding.”

“Being recognized by your peers is such an honor because it proves you are making a difference in peoples’ lives,” said VC President David Hinds. “Ceci’s passion for teaching is evident. Victoria College is very fortunate to have someone like Ceci on its faculty.”

Oldmixon, a graduate of Victoria College’s Respiratory Care Program, has instructed at VC for 20 years.

“I never thought I would stay this long, but I found a place that I could grow and grow others,” Oldmixon said. “Being a patient advocate, I love bedside medicine and being a teacher for this program.”

Oldmixon helped Victoria College’s Respiratory Care Program receive the Distinguished Registered Respiratory Therapist Credentialing Success Award from the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care in 2019.

“This program is rigorous and has a long track record of outstanding achievement with our students,” Oldmixon said. “This program is strong because it has a team of therapists providing knowledge, support and care to the students along with our clinical affiliates who champion us.”

Oldmixon is known for her no-nonsense, intense approach when instructing her students.

“I am by no means a typical teacher,” Oldmixon said. “I am a tough teacher, but I believe I’m fair. Nothing is as amazing as witnessing students come into their own advocacy for others and themselves. For me, this has been the most rewarding profession, and I am grateful for the opportunities along with the scores of people who came through this program that have enriched my life and our profession.”