A Message to the VC Community from President Dr. David Hinds

These are challenging times as we grapple with the senseless killing of George Floyd and others, and witness the civil unrest across the country brought on by a long history of injustice faced by those marginalized in our society. This pain is felt throughout our community.  As an institution of higher learning and as an employer, Victoria College is committed to ensuring equitable and just treatment of all people. We condemn injustice in any form.
I’m proud to be a part of the VC community, where integrity and respect are among our core values. 

Integrity... foster an environment of respect, honesty, openness, and fairness… We value respect for the unique characteristics and abilities of individuals... welcome and promote diversity among students, faculty, staff, and our community, while cultivating a respectful, collegial, and accessible working and learning environment.
Colleges must remain the free marketplace of ideas. Victoria College will continue to challenge thinking among our students and employees and to help students make meaning of the events that surround us. As educators, we do not teach students what to think or believe but challenge all students to be open-minded, to think critically, and to value differing opinions. Sustaining our democracy requires civil discourse. During the fall semester Victoria College will begin campus and virtual dialogues so students may have additional opportunity to listen, to be heard, and to expand their world view.  

I have witnessed in recent and past events how the Crossroads comes together in times of crisis, from responses to Hurricane Harvey, the burning of the mosque, the pandemic, and now the recent peaceful protests. I know that together we can build a better future for everyone. As Victoria College remains focused on our vision of Improving Lives and Strengthening Communities, we must continue to unite and support one another, listen to one another, and learn from one another. Everyone’s voice matters, and we all must continuously strive to do better.


Dr. David Hinds
Victoria College President