VC Gonzales Center offering necessities for students with food pantry

GC Pantry The new food pantry at Victoria College’s Gonzales Center offers students nonperishable food items.

Victoria College’s Gonzales Center has a fully stocked food pantry to assist its students, thanks to coordination with VC’s Main Campus and in-kind donations from the Gonzales community.

“Victoria College’s Main Campus was gracious enough to donate one of its pantry stations here at the Gonzales Center, and it has really taken off,” said VC Gonzales Center Manager Vince Ortiz. “We recently had some local families find out about what we’re offering our students, and they felt compelled to donate items to the pantry.

“We want to do all we can to help our students succeed,” Ortiz said. “We want to do our best to eliminate all roadblocks that prevent our students from realizing their academic dreams and career goals.”

Gonzales Center Assistant Manager Melissa Robinson said students often receive assistance for tuition and books, but fall short on having enough money to meet their basic needs.

“To expect students to be successful in education if they are hungry or worried about how they are going to make it to their next paycheck when life unexpectedly happens, especially when families and children are in the mix, is just not realistic for the general population,” Robinson said. “The generosity of these donors has allowed us to help bridge that hunger to hopefully allow students a chance to successfully get back on their feet and continue their educational experience.” 

The food pantry also provides toiletries, diapers and clothing to any VC Gonzales Center student who requires assistance. Monetary donations are also accepted.

Donations to the pantry can be made by calling the VC Gonzales Center at (830) 672-6251.

Photo caption: Pictured from left are Karen Bauer Smith, vocational nursing instructor; Jaime Nobles, academic and financial aid counselor; Cindy Leazer, administrative assistant; Melissa Robinson, VC Gonzales Center assistant manager; Cindy Finch, administrative assistant; and Vince Ortiz, VC Gonzales Center manager.