VC nursing students provide children health, safety tips on Pediatrics Day

Kid 1 Nazareth Academy 4-year-old students were on Victoria College’s Main Campus on Oct. 25 for the VC Associate Degree Nursing Program’s Pediatrics Day.

Victoria College’s Associate Degree Nursing Program Level 1 students hosted approximately 30 Nazareth Academy 4-year-old students on Oct. 25 to provide them health and safety tips during the semi-annual Pediatrics Day at VC’s Health Sciences Center.

“This is a clinical activity where students get a chance to take on some of the things they have learned in pediatrics and group dynamics,” said Susan Sullivan, VC associate professor for the ADN Program. “They spend weeks developing what activities they are going to do. They look at the developmental stages of the children and make the activities very specific for them.”

The nursing students assessed the youngsters’ growth development, stressed dental hygiene and healthy eating habits, and taught the 4-year-olds safety tips when going trick-or-treating on Halloween.

“We listened to their hearts and lungs,” said nursing student Anita Hernandez. “Our setup was for Halloween safety. We had the children check their candy before they ate it. We showed them how to cross a street.”

Victoria College’s ADN Program offers a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree in nursing and is fully approved by the Texas Board of Nursing and accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

Successful completion of the ADN Program enables graduates to apply for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. Satisfactory achievement on the exam qualifies graduates for licensure as a registered nurse.

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