Victoria College SGA students enjoy making difference on campus

SGA Prez and VP 1 Kayla Wagner, Victoria College Student Government Association vice president, and Jacob Evans, VC SGA president, are both freshmen at VC.

Victoria College freshmen Jacob Evans and Kayla Wagner were recently elected the top two officers for VC’s Student Government Association.

Evans, who was elected president, is a graduate of Hallettsville High School. Wagner, who is the organization’s vice president, graduated from Victoria West High School and plans a career in nursing.

Following is a Q&A interview with Evans and Wagner conducted by Victoria College Communications Specialist Coy Slavik:

Q: Why did you want to get involved with SGA?

JE: I saw a lot of my friends in high school get involved with their college SGAs and have a lot of fun. I thought I’d stop by a meeting and see what it was all about.

KW: I knew college would be a challenge for me, so I wanted to do something that would take my mind away from the stress.

Q: What plans do you have for the SGA this semester?

KW: I want to try to get students involved on campus. We’ve been working on the Halloween Carnival, and we have ideas for other events.

JE: My goal as president is to foster enjoyment for students on campus. I think we can do that through volunteer and fun activities.

Q: What do like most about attending VC?

JE: I love the Student Government Association! Also, I appreciate how helpful and readily available the faculty is to the students here.

KW: I appreciate how faculty here at VC are actively involved in the students’ lives.

Q: What would you say to students who aren’t involved in clubs and organizations on campus?

KW: It’s important to be involved in something. Not only does it allow you a break from school, it also gives you more opportunities to meet people and enjoy the college experience.

JE: It challenges you to be a better person. Groups of people guided by a common purpose are the ones who change the world.