VC art students, professor to exhibit collaborative work at South Texas Ceramics Showdown 2018

IMG_1187 Victoria College’s Dirt Nerds Ceramics Club will exhibit “Pop Art” at the South Texas Ceramics Showdown 2018 in McAllen on June 4-July 5.

Victoria College Design II students and members of VC’s Dirt Nerds Ceramics Club will send a collaborative ceramic piece to be exhibited June 4-July 5 at the South Texas Ceramic Showdown 2018 at South Texas College in McAllen.

Victoria College Art Professor Debra Chronister and students Natalie Brown, Taylor Kelly, Ben Sartor and Stephanie Skorrupa created “Pop Art,” which is a larger-than-life spilled bag of popcorn.

“This assignment was focused on scale, texture and fool-the-eye realism,” Chronister said. “The previous assignment involved firing the raku kiln, which doubles as an excuse to cook Jiffy-Pop popcorn. Before I let the students eat their popcorn, I asked them to examine each popcorn closely and choose a popcorn that was particularly interesting to them.”

The students took their one popped kernel home and drew them from multiple vantage points. Then each student created one large popcorn.

“By then, I realized we needed to display them together,” Chronister said. “We brainstormed whether we wanted a bowl, a box or a bag. We all liked the idea of a bag. Natalie and I made and painted the bag, and we all made the unpopped kernels. The students as a group crunched the pristine bag, and laid the pieces out as if a giant child had wandered by and dropped the bag. The result has been quite humorous.”

The work was shipped to McAllen to be displayed at the exhibit. Chronister said she would like to display the artwork in Victoria.

“I’d like to randomly set it up in various places around town and watch people respond to it,” Chronister said.

Victoria College offers a variety of art classes that accumulate college credits, including Ceramics I, Art Appreciation, History of Art I and II, Design I and Drawing I and II.

For more information on Victoria College’s art classes, call (361) 582-2530.