Buchholz named VC’s new vice president of instruction

cindy1 Cindy Buchholz was named Victoria College’s permanent vice president of instruction on April 30.

Cindy Buchholz has been appointed Victoria College’s new vice president of instruction.

Buchholz served as the interim vice president of instruction for 10 months before it was announced on April 30 by VC President Dr. David Hinds that she would permanently fill the role.

“Cindy took over the vice president of instruction position almost a year ago,” VC President Dr. David Hinds said. “Since that time, Cindy has not only kept things running smoothly in all areas of credit instruction, but has made some important strategic changes as well. She has spent years earning the respect of faculty here at VC. Having Cindy take the position permanently is exciting to me personally, because I know her sharp mind, strong personal character, and her heart for our students.”

“I am thrilled about my transition from interim to permanent vice president of instruction at Victoria College,” Buchholz said. “I have worked here for more than 20 years and am a former VC student as well. VC has therefore played a very important role in my life, so to know that I can help guide the college’s pathways work, which involves improving the whole student experience by assisting students in good, strong decision-making and removing barriers to their ability to achieve their goals, is quite gratifying.”

Jacob Flores, who served as interim dean of arts, humanities and social sciences in Buchholz’s stead, was permanently promoted to the position.